Dear Dawnet,

The wedding was amazing!!!!! How can I thank you for making their vision come true?!!! Michele and Alia were incredible and made everything seemless! ~ Susan

Barbara and Matt

I wish they had a star rating system higher than 5 stars – I would give Dawnet Davis a million plus stars if I could! Make that shooting stars, because she is truly that special! Hiring Dawnet was literally the best wedding decision I made (besides the groom of course!). Hands down. I’ve heard brides talk about how stressful it was to plan a wedding as well as coordinate everything on their wedding day, and thanks to Dawnet that was not my experience in any way, shape, or form. She had my back and my best interests in mind throughout the entire experience, from day 1 of meeting her for a coffee and consultation, until the day after the wedding when she wished my hubby and me a lifetime of happiness. I met Dawnet through a friend who hired her to plan her entire wedding years ago. That friend only had positive things to say about Dawnet, and I only have positive things to say about her as well, to the point where I could write an entire book about how amazing and wonderful she is. I chose the Basic Coordination package, yet Dawnet went above and beyond and above and beyond again and again (and again!) to deliver a stellar experience for my groom and I. I had so many ideas, questions, thoughts, and needs along my journey to wedded bliss, and Dawnet expertly helped guide me through every single step, call, and email along the way. She has a calming aura and sense of warmth which provides comfort and trust for all involved – you will immediately feel at ease in her presence. She thought of all the little things along the way – from recommending the best and brightest vendors to work with (and setting up meetings and handling all details); to kindly keeping me in line and on track; from calling me the morning of the wedding to quickly and sweetly congratulate me, share in my excitement, and assure me it was going to be a fabulous day; to making plates of food for the groom and I so we could relax during dinner hour; to guiding our guests and family so we could sit back and enjoy our day; to setting up all the decor to exceed my wildest Pinterest dreams… the list goes on and on! Dawnet is worth her weight in gold. Do not simply think about hiring her – just do it!!! There is no possible way you will regret it. Thank you to the moon and back Dawnet!

Sadie K.

A Huge Thank you!!

Hi Dawnet!!!!!
I just wanted to send a quick thank you your way for making our special day truly the best day ever! Everything went off without a hitch, and we had guests coming up to us even days later of how great it was from the catering to the flow to the venues to the small details. Thank you so much for bringing my ideas to a reality. – Sadie K.

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson


How do we even begin to thank you??!! Your were so amazing and incredibly helpful.
We couldn’t imagine the wedding without you. We seriously had the wedding of our
dreams and are so thankful for you. I truly believe it was a flawless day & the only t
hing we had to “worry” about was having fun!! We thank God for placing you in our lives.
If you and your family ever visit Arizona, we would love to be your hosts.

With much love & happiness,
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

Alicia and Darrell

Alicia and Darrell
We cannot thank you enough for all your help these past 10 months. We truly could not have done this without you. You have made this such a fun, easy, and stress-free process, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. We sincerely appreciate how above and beyond you went to make sure that we were happy and that our special day was perfect. We’re so glad you were apart of it. Thank you.
Love, Alicia and Darrell


Cathy and Charlie (Mother of Groom)

Sarah and Alex (Bride and Groom)

Dear Dawnet,
It is hard to put into words gratitude to you. Not only have you helped (well beyond the call of duty) us to create a beautiful, wonderful wedding, it has been a joy to get to know you and work with you. I have so enjoyed our “visits” over the phone and I know Sarah has truly enjoyed spending the time with you. You are so skilled at your job in everyway. We certainly could not have done this without  you. But to have the added bonus of Sarah and I both working with you just make it perfect. Charlie has been so impressed with your recommendations. We can’t thank you enough. I will truly miss our time together.

Much Love,
Cathy and Charlie
(Mother of Groom)



It’s Tuesday afternoon, the newlyweds have returned to Oregon, the tent is down, and the last of our out of town company has left. I am reflecting on what a perfect wedding day we were able to enjoy thanks to you! And I mean it! I can’t begin to express my (our) appreciation for your hard work, guidance and expert advice throughout this process. There is not one thing that we would change about the day. Your assistance allowed us as a family to enjoy and not worry about details. I can’t tell you how many people shared positive comments about you and the flawless day. If you ever need a recommendation from a happy client don’t hesitate to ask!
I hope you enjoyed your time with us half as much as we enjoyed working with you. Cheers to you being so awesome!





I just wanted to write you to thank you again for EVERYTHING you did for mine and Duane’s wedding. I know this message is coming too late, but I just had to write you once more.

You and your team exceeded our expectations with everything you managed to accomplish! The whole wedding day was such a pleasant and fun experience for me and I really have you to thank for that because you handled everything so well! I know things got crazy with the heat and pushing the ceremony back and whatnot but you handled and executed everything so well!

And of course the entire planning process and 6 months prior to the wedding was done so well! I definitely would have gone crazy without you! I honestly appreciate everything you did soo much! The entire process was fun and the outcomes were all so beautiful!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Take Care,
The Mullens

Sarah and Alex

Sarah & Alex

You gave us the greatest gift of all in your friendship and by making our special day beyond perfect.
Thank you so much!
Sarah and Alex
(Bride and Groom)

Alissa and Jon

If I could rate higher than a “5” I would because Dawnet was amazing and I am so glad we chose to use a “Day -of” Coordinator. I could not have imagined not having her there because she went above and beyond and made the day awesome. I will rave about her and her team to anyone that will listen because she is wonderful and I would use her again in a heartbeat. ~ Alissa and Jon

Holly and Jason

Overall I was beyond satisfied! I may have an over the top personality, and playful spirit but I am huge on customer service, professionalism, and someone really listening to my thoughts, and you were on point with that.There were comments I would make from time, and knew you were listening, and you were extremely professional with giving me the right about friend/family vibe I need to feel with working with someone. I came through a difficult process and can only look back as I want to do it again, because it was that FABULOUS. ~ Holly and Jason

Megan and Joe

Hey girls!! I just wanted to send a quick thank you for making our wedding planning and wedding day so very special! I have one word to describe it…perfect. It really was – I wouldn’t have changed anything! I keep getting so many notes and nice words from people saying “best wedding I have ever been to and will ever attend” Kudos to all of you!! I am so humbled by everything each of you did to make our wedding so amazing! Thank you so much!! Thank you notes to come later but I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you!

Rachel and Jeff

Dawnet and A Piece of Cake did a fantastic job from start to finish with our day-of coordination. From the planning phases, Dawnet was open to answering any and all questions and concerns and tailoring her services to better meet our needs. She stayed so organized that I was never worried something was taken care of, and she went above and beyond; from completely coordinating our rehearsal, picking up a replacement dress for one of our bridesmaids, setting up favors, keeping the bridal party and family in line, fully scheduling and coordinating the reception events, down to sending our licensing paperwork in for us and having our keepsake wedding certificate done by a calligrapher for us– we’re so, so glad we hired Dawnet and A Piece of Cake to be a part of our special day. ~ Rachel and Jeff


Thank you again for helping me plan Sasha’s wedding. The planning for the wedding went too fast and before I knew it the wedding day arrived. I thought I could do everything on my own. I am so glad that I attended the Tacoma Wedding Walk and was able to meet you. I had not planned for the extra expense of a wedding planner but your calm personality won me over. It was the best investment I made. I honestly needed your help and couldn’t have done it without you. I had not realized how chaotic the last days could be. You kept us all organized and I was able to enjoy the day knowing it was in your hands.

Your suggestions and partners helped to create a day that Sasha and Brant will appreciate for the rest of their lives. They are so grateful and so am I.

Thank you again. ~ Lee

Steve Hastings, Father of the Bride

To Whom It May Concern:

As the Father of the Bride, I have to admit when my Daughter made the suggestion of hiring a Wedding Planner, the first thought through my mind was….”Pretentious”, and the second thought was…. More money.

I can say I am very glad I took the time to listen to my daughter. and my wife and extremely glad we found Dawnet Davis of “A Piece of Cake Weddings and Events”. What I thought was just a heaping pile of pretentiousness and my daughter
exercising her spoiled side, turned out to not only be a huge money saver, but the stress relie fwas worth every penny.

When I say every penny, what is important to know, is that once we hired Dawnet within 3 days she had already negotiated so much better deals on the Hotel, reception space and food, that it more than paid for her seryice. lfyou thinkyou are
a good negotiator, just understand that Hotels knowyou’re only there one time, for one wedding, so the deal is only going to be just so good. The difference is Dawnet’s clients have weddings and events all year long, so when she walks in they are dealing with a customer they cater to continuousiy. This is a powerful negotiation position, and Dawnet’s experience extends this to every vendor used for your wedding & with maybe the exception of the Church.

Just a quick message about cost. Weddings are as expensive as you want them to be. I learned this from Dawnet. From the very beginning she was conscientious ofthe budget we set, and always worked to give us what we wanted within our budget. Admittedly we were not as disciplined about our budget as she was. More guests, more ofthis and that, but allalong Dawnetwas reeling us in, and helping us maintain some assemblance of our budget.

Additionally ifyou thinkyou are somehow giving up creative control of your wedding, think again. Dawnet is about executing whatyou want, plain and simple. Our family’s choices were Ddwnet’s mission.

If you hjre Dawnet just to save money, know that she will more than pay for her fees in savings with your vendors. Having gone through a wedding, the best reason is her service. She understands her job is to lift the stresses and burdens of planning, organizing and running a wedding offthe family. I grade her an A+ in this category.

When you ask most people “what’s the best day ofyour life?” generally most will respond with thejr wedding day or the day their children were born. We now have another, it was the day our daughter got married. Thank you Dawnet for helping make the day perfectl

Steve Hastings
Father of the Bride

Shylo and Mathew

Dawnet exceeded my expectations. She was able to see eye to eye with me from the start. She quickly understood what I was looking for on every aspect of the wedding from the location, to catering, flowers, etc. Dawnet was also very understanding and accommodative to all of my needs. We were not sure if it would be dry for my wedding because it was in October. The dress rehearsal was the day before and it was pouring.

We decided to have the ceremony inside, however the following day 3 hours before the ceremony the skies opened up and we had sun! I asked Dawnet and her assistant, Kim Beynon, to arrange it to have my dream of an outdoor wedding come true and they did. They made the day of the wedding seamless. I had no stress everything went the way I had envisioned. I could not have been happier. Thanks you very much Dawnet and Kim for making my wedding a dream come true.

~ Shylo and Mathew

Nikki and Shawn

Thank you so much for helping us on our wedding day. Having you here to help with the stress and chaos of the day.
Thanks for everything. ~ Nikki and Shawn

Trina and Jimmy

Thanks for all of your hard work and making the ceremony and reception run as smoothly as possible! You did great and we will recommend you to friends! Thanks again!
~ Trina and Jimmy

Elizabeth and Dennis

My husband and I felt very relaxed and confident that our wedding day would proceed smoothly after hiring Dawnet and A Piece of Cake Events. We were very impressed with the contact maintained by our wedding coordinator with our vendors, our bridal party and ourselves. Members of our bridal party were also impressed with the lack of stress because everything was planned and prepared ahead of time. Dawnet was professional and prepared. Everyone involved in our wedding was ready and aware of the schedule of events from hair to photographs. The reception was completely enjoyable and flowed smoothly. The day turned out perfectly! ~ Elizabeth and Dennis

Robert and Stephanie

We cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for our wedding. You saved me many headaches and many anxiety attacks! You are absolutely incredible. I did not worry at all the wedding day because I knew you would get everything in order, and you definitely did not disappoint. You are amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
~ Robert and Stephanie

Mary and Renaud

In a summary, you guys are awesome! It was great work you did! All our guests were happy and had a good time! We had a peaceful wedding day! ~ Mary and Renaud

Samantha & Dale

We are so glad to have you as our day-of coordinator so glad to have been referred to you by Ashley. You’ve been nothing but pleasure to work with, organized, fun, calm, cool and a quick reply-er to my constant emails. Thank you for being  such a great coordinator, we will always refer engaged friends to you! We don’t know what we’d do without you! Thanks!
~ Samantha & Dale

Kim and Erik

We just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for all of your help with our wedding! We could not have chosen a better planner! You helped make our day exactly how we dreamed it! We haven’t gotten any professional pictures back yet, but wanted to share a few with you. Everyone I have spoken to about the wedding has nothing but nice things to say about you and I will definitely pass your name along to any of my friends/family getting married! Thanks again for all your help! Thanks.
~ Kim and Erik

Robinn, Mother of the Bride

A Piece of Cake Events delivered world class service! I can’t thank you enough for taking the pressure off the bride and mother of the bride. It made our day so much more memorable. You exceeded way beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding to hire “A Piece of Cake Events” They are so worth every cent!
~ Robinn, Mother of the Bride

Heather and Jason

Our wedding was exactly what we imagined. We are so happy we worked with A Piece of Cake Events because we were able to just relax and enjoy the whole process from planning to the wedding day. Dawnet was very conscientious of our budget and allowed us to get the most for our money with the vendors she recommended.
~ Heather and Jason

Bertina & Alex

Dawnet, I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for having you as our wedding coordinator! You always made sure that I was on track and you helped me get on top of everything. You were extremely detail oriented and you did a fantastic job! Thanks SO much for making our wedding day so perfect. It wouldn’t have been the same without you! ~ Bertina & Alex

Deanna Hoffmann

Dear Dawnet,

I wanted to thank you and Michele for the outstanding work you both did for my niece Stephanie’s wedding. Michele and her assistant Ashley were like having two best friends by my side helping to make everything happen, and I know that Stephanie felt the same way. Michele was on task at all times, friendly, patient, and understanding and he upmost professional. Ashley was a terrific assistant with a great attitude and

Thanks again for your help and I will definitely be recommending your company and Michele to other brides.

Adrienne and Justin

I would highly recommend hiring A Piece of Cake Events to anyone and everyone who needs an event coordinator. Dawnet went above and beyond to make our special day stress free and happy. Dawnet was very helpful, kind, understanding, calm. If I was unsure about something Dawnet stepped right in a gave a suggestion. Many people who attended our wedding mention how hard working and professional Dawnet was (many people even asked me for her name). Even when our caterer’s kitchen burnt down 2 months before our wedding Dawnet stepped right in with a suggestion and found us a new caterer right away even though we hadn’t paid for that service. Dawnet was amazing and more than helpful. Thank you so much we couldn’t have done it without you. ~ Adrienne and Justin

Taylor Markholt

I wanted to email you and say thank you so much for all your help with the planning, rehearsal, and wedding day. It was the best day of our lives! Hope this wedding season is great for you. I will recommend you to anyone in need of a planner! Thanks again,
~ Taylor Markholt

Annika, Bride

We worked with Dawnet as our day of coordinator, and she was a life saver. At first we weren’t going to use a day or coordinator, but after realizing all that needed to be done that day we decided we needed one. A Piece of Cake Events was the best decision I made for the wedding!

Dawnet is so knowledgeable and made putting together a day of schedule a breeze. She also emailed all of our vendors and wedding party to ensure everyone knew where to be at what time.

On the day of, Dawnet completely exceeded my expectations. My bridesmaids and I were running behind, making it impossible for us to help with setup, Dawnet totally stepped in and helped my family get everything setup and look perfect! Furthermore she made the entire day run so smoothly!

If I were to give one piece of advice to brides out there, it would be make the investment and hire Dawnet from A Piece of Cake Events. It is the best decision you will ever make, and it’ll make you feel so much more at ease on your big day!

Thank you Dawnet for making everything perfect! We couldn’t have done it without you!
~ Annika, Bride

Tiana Fitzpatrick

Thank you so much for making our wedding wonderful and run so smoothly. Michael and I are so happy and so grateful for everything that you have done for us. You are truly amazing. Much love,
~Tiana Fitzpatrick

Meesha and Alex

Dawnet, Althea and Monet,
I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help. The wedding turned out beautifully! I was amazed to see the venue transform from an empty space to my wedding. I’ll definitely pass your name along to anyone looking for a coordinator. Thanks again!
~ Meesha and Alex

Cathy and Larry, Parents of the Bride

Thank you for working with Heather and Jason on their wedding. We appreciate your hard work and enjoyed watching it all come together very well. Chambers Bay was the most beautiful spot ever and you were very much the reason this venue was selected. Wish I had visited you more on the day of the wedding. Larry and I want to give you this special gift to show our gratitude.
~ Cathy and Larry, Parents of the Bride

Cynthia Glavin, Mother of the Bride

When Ashley hired a Wedding Coordinator I thought she was wasting her money. I was wrong. You did a fantastic job and I will be recommending you highly. Everything was orderly, and if there was even the smallest problem you fixed it and took all the stress out of it for her. I know she feels the same. Your personality is perfect for your career. Take care and thank you,
~ Cynthia Glavin, Mother of the Bride

Brad & Serena Silverstein


I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with Kristen. I don’t think I saw her sit down once- she’s so sweet, easy to work with, plus an extremely hard worker. I’m sure you know you have a gem!

Thank you and have a wonderful day, Brad & Serena Silverstein

Wedding DJ, Robert Bonham

Having worked several weddings throughout Puget Sound with Dawnet from A Piece of Cake Events, I can assure you she has that “special touch” in making an ordinary wedding, extraordinary! She is always a pleasure to work with. She is very detailed, easy going and fun! Give her a call for your special day, you’ll soon be raving about her too!
~ Wedding DJ – Robert Bonham | Music De-Lite DJ Service

George Hollins, Gotta Dance Productions

You did an exceptional job on Saturday. I look forward to working with you again in the future. I will recomment you to anyone needing a wedding coordinator.
~ George Hollins | Gotta Dance Productions

Tony Schwartz, Tony Schwartz Weddings

Just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” to you for your excellent work! It was such a great event, I know Kim & Erik were very happy with the evening! And thank you for your kindness and courtesy – it was much appreciated! Your help during the ceremony was paramount to its success!
~ Tony Schwartz | Tony Schwartz Weddings

Sharon | Snuffins Catering

Dawnet, you were wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work and talent.
~ Sharon | Snuffins Catering

Lisa Stencel, Store Manager, K & G Fashion Superstore

Every year K&G Fashion Superstore has an annual Christmas party. I have asked Dawnet to decorate for this corporate event according to a specific theme and a designated budget. She always does a wonderful job. K&G appreciates both the professionalism and attention she has given to our annual event.
~ Lisa Stencel | Store Manager, K & G Fashion Superstore

Dionne Bonner, Visual Artist

Thank you so much for your support in handling the specifics of my art exhibit opening reception. It helped having you make calls to the contact at the Library to make sure all the details where being taken care of, ordering and helping me choose the menu from the catering company and decorating for the reception night. ~ Dionne Bonner, Visual Artist |